where can I find them? I know that sounds odd but smell it and tell me if it smells like disease (you will know). Affiliate Link Disclosure In case you wondered where the Tea tree was in this post – it’s not the name for an actual tree species but applies to a number of different plants. Had to remove a stand of black birch at a site for the future home of the Ramapo Saltbox Environmental Research Center in Ramapo New York. I’m an essential oil distiller, looking for raw material. Beyond all this, I find it a beautiful shade tree, extraordinarily branchy and leafy, and I also concur with all the above remarks about the evocative scent…  It leafs out relatively early in these parts, but that requires qualification:  I have observed some years in which poplar family trees are among the first to leaf out and some years in which they are toward the end; thus the birches (yellow, black, and white), depending on age and location are sometimes close to first and sometimes not. Sweet birch and black cherry both have alternate branching patterns, and their winter buds look somewhat similar, too. He said he had not seen these anywhere around. Thanks for writing an article about an under-appreciated tree (and a favorite of mine). It is native to southern Canada and north-eastern USA but also grows in Russia and parts of Eastern Europe. Black birch is a lovely tree and produces beautiful wood that darkens with age, so no reason to begrudge its recent or anticipated successes. On a quest.!!! 10. Not seen at sawmills anywhere and wondered why such gorgious wood is not timber harvested. The smell could be black birch (or yellow) but the bark description is NOT yellow birch. Earlier than oaks and ashes for sure, and in autumn their leaves turn with just a bit of cold (pale yellow) but sometimes hold on the branches for a while. The buds, twigs, and catkins provide food for grouse, deer, hare, and squirrels. Smells great when processing. Special mention to the modest but much loved river poplar tree ( ” grâce et mélancolie des arbres fluviatiles… ” said Marcel Proust) whose trembling silvery leaves evoke for me the gentle murmuring of the ever rolling waves..diffusing a pervading sweet aniseed fragrance which sends back to ancient memory, the lost paradise of my infancy…by the sandy riverside of Ardêche…. (further studies from here). If you contact me I can get you some inner bark. In exploring our acreage we have found many stands and are excited to see it flourishing here. It is also known as Mountain Mahogany, Sweet Birch and Cherry Birch. Although black birch bark looks a lot like black cherry, both when young and old, its three- to four-inch ovate leaves are wider, with more prominent veins. Thanks. Black Birch is probably the most desirable firewood within the Birch family because it produces the highest heat because of its dense fibers. Yellow birch will smell of wintergreen but with a bitter, somewhat astringent taste. I have heard of black birch trees, but they aren’t that abundant where I come from. Joined Sep 12, 2010 Messages 9,545 Likes 403 Location Upstate, New York. You can’t smell their leaves up close, but from a distance, it’s almost like honeysuckle. Betula lenta (sweet birch, also known as black birch, cherry birch, mahogany birch, or spice birch) is a species of birch native to eastern North America, from southern Maine west to southernmost Ontario, and south in the Appalachian Mountains to northern Georgia Characteristics and habitat. david78. Birch is a hardwood tree closely related to beech and oak. Here in southern Vermont, the black birches are one of the absolute last trees to leaf out in the spring, along with hickories and ash. I havent had much beech at all. Chuck. I bought 40 acres a little more than 20 years ago. My grand daughter is the one to discover the wonderful birch beer scent of the broken twigs. I sell various wood products, wild mushrooms and edible wild plant items through my site. Have I missed out one of your favourite or least favourite smelling trees? Like yellow birch and paper birch, drooping male catkins are in place and obvious all winter. This time go back to the wound and smell it. In a book by Rebecca Rupp called, “Red Oaks, Black Birches” she has stated that Honey is also used in a fermentation on the birch beer recipe. Unfortunately, though, birch sap is even waterier than maple sap (100:1 sap-to-sugar ratio vs. 40:1), and you have to boil the heck out of it to get anything. In addition the bark gives off a black, oily smoke when it burns, again, making birch a poor choice for cooking wood. The bark of yellow birch will have small curls of material similar to paper birch but thinner, with a golden hue. I wonder what it was mainly a remedy for. Spin me a seed basket before the wi, A little large-leaved lime leaf lingers, frost-lic, ‘Good morning,’ said Autumn wearily. Mar 18, 2009. Sweet birch is an attractive tree for lawns and naturalized areas, with shiny, red-brown bark and yellow foliage. I sniffed its bark and I loved the smell so much that I started an essential oil company! To ensure a respectful dialogue, please refrain from posting content that is unlawful, harassing, discriminatory, libelous, obscene, or inflammatory. A year ago we bought 100 acres in the highlands of middle Ontario and noticed this tree that we had never seen before. It is a beautiful wood. I think I will allow them to fight for the light and after many die from lack of sun I think I will cut and replace with Black Walnut. The scent does fade as the wood seasons. The tree is known for its generally light-colored bark in shades of gray, yellow, white, silver or occasionally black, which peels in … I am very lucky to have a whole lot of black birch on my property. | Terms of Service | Privacy PolicySite by eBree Design. Email Us Or Call: Privacy Policy, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Crockett Hills Regional Park with Michael – 20 March 2017 | Zulu Thoughts, Sandalwood – fragrant finery | Gabriel Hemery, As a change from writing I decided to have a go ca, Looking for a unique gift for a nature-loving frie, On the night of the woodcock moon #november #fullm, Sailing through the sea of trees @earth_trust, Congratulations students of @sylvawoodschool - you, Frosty road ahead #treesofinstagram #trees #avenue, Warning slippery when wet! For BTU’s its impressively competing with hickory and white oak. Black Walnut is the most expensive North American hardwood, and it’s prized for woodworking. Incredibly heavy, dense wood. Saved a few seed so maybe I can grow some more. I still enjoy it and have customers buy it year round :) Clin Exp Allergy 1998;28(11):1368-73. I will be making use of it for several things for sure. © 2008 by the author; this article may not be copied or reproduced without the author's consent. Sweet Birch (Betula lenta) also known as Black Birch, Cherry Birch, Mahogany Birch, or Spice Birch, is a tall and graceful tree with bright green leaves and dark reddish-brown aromatic bark. My favourite smell of all, but I can’t ID the plant. I’ll pay more attention to this from now on. It was really magnificent. Have too see pix. What part of the country are you in? Slick. It is one of the species that has replaced American chestnut where chestnut once was a major component of the forest, and oak stands killed by gypsy moths now have more black birch. Birch Overview Also called sweet birch, cherry birch, or mahogany birch, this species is perhaps the only tree around that is best recognized by the flavor of its twigs. Sweet birch, as the name implies will have a sweeter and more potent scent, with a deliciously sweet wintergreen flavor. Dry white birch burns up very quickly making a poor choice for BBQ wood IMHO. After reading this, perhaps it is the Balsam Poplar or Sweet Birch. Birch is an excellent firewood, however it burns quickly, so it is best when mixed with other slower kiln dried firewood such as Elm and Oak. What you are smelling is oil of wintergreen (methyl salicylate). Merci! Asero R. Effects of birch pollen-specific immunotherapy on apple allergy in birch pollen-hypersensitive patients. This really is for the above Robert Seidel. In recent years, black birch has filled in where hemlock woolly adelgid, a deadly non-native insect, has taken out the hemlock. Didn’t know what it was until I looked it up later, but while I was chainsawing through a driveway, the smell was wonderful. As children we used to chew on the leaves of the plant. It is also called cherry birch because the beautiful bark is a warm cherry-red color, glossy and smooth with broad paler horizontal streaks. I have harvested a few weaker trees for firewood study to learn the characteristics of the wood. In flower and fruit, black birch is clearly a birch. Keep up the great work!! Making it not so straight as its taller neighbors. Have never come across any info on the wood drying process. I like the trees but want more than just allot of Black Birch. Trees are beautiful to the eye but their smell is often overlooked. As this tree seems to produce large amounts of sap. Usual common Sorbus and Popular Trees growing in amenity locality. I’m in the Hudson Valley somewhat and experience climate changes slightly delayed from surrounding hills. How big do these need to be to have a value? Though they were being phased out, a few wood-fired stills continued to operate into the 1950s, a while after it was discovered that oil of wintergreen could be made synthetically from wood alcohol and salicylic acid – without using either black birch or wintergreen. My little business is called "Birch & Burlap", so I'm always looking for Birch scented FO! These rock-bound trees do not make good sawlogs, but they add great interest to the landscape. While I don't smell any Birch, it is more pine, it is still a nice woodsy scent. ... Birch firewood has a unique smell. It is happily growing among sugar maples and red oaks and beech. Thanks for joining the discussion. What about mimosa trees? Do the same to black cherry, and you will notice an unpleasant odor that is not at all minty. However, Black Walnut is a fairly common tree in certain parts of the USA, so it is still used as firewood from time-to-time. D. david78 ArboristSite Member. The scent of wintergreen can be easily detected all the way down to the base of the tree. Once someone asked if it was just the scent of freshly cut grass, but I don’t think so-it’s very sweet! Whoops, what I wanted to ask you is if you know what kind of brambly looking hedge plant smells of citrusy mint only in the rain. Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc. Water birch (B. occidentalis; B. fontinalis of some authorities), a shrubby tree native to moist sites along the western coast of North America, has nonpeeling, dark-red bark; it grows in clusters, with all stems rising from a common root system.It is sometimes called red birch, black birch, or mountain birch. One of the very best choices, especially for colder regions, is the Black Birch, also known as the sweet birch or spice birch for the sweet smell of its bark. ↑ top Many years ago, I tapped some Black Birch trees on my family’s land, and I got about one gallon of sap per hour per tap from the trees. Gray birch, also spelled Grey Birch, also called Oldfield Birch, Wire Birch, or Poplar-leaved Birch, (Betula populifolia), slender ornamental tree of the family Betulaceae, found in clusters on moist sites in northeastern North America.Rarely 12 m (40 feet) tall, it is covered almost to the ground with flexible branches that form a narrow, pyramidal crown. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution- NonCommercial- NoDerivs 3.0 United States License. Somewhere in my memory I begin to recall the trees information. This species is resistant to bronze birch borer (BBB). Adahy Kuksaholic. Birch firewood produces 20.2 million BTUs per cord, giving it one of the highest energy contents in wood. Finally … it is hard to ignore some of nature’s greatest aromas from plants that are closely associated with trees, especially honeysuckle, wild garlic and wild thyme. Bring an experienced person, use an I.D. If the scratched bark smells like Wintergreen, then you have Birch. haha! (Not a weed, it is planted on purpose). It is such a lovely sweet smell. Black birch is a beautiful tree as its bark resembles that of black cherry: lustrous, smooth, and dark red on young trees, and black, with loose, curled, scaly black plates on old trees. Although black birch bark looks a lot like black cherry, both when young and old, its three- to four-inch ovate leaves are wider, with more prominent veins. I have a tree with dark green leaves and small dark purple like buds it smells wonderful at night could you please tell me what this is. The bark resembles that of black cherry: lustrous, smooth, and dark red on young trees, and black, with loose, curled, scaly black plates on old trees. That being said, if those spots seem: gummy, wet or squishy (like rot) then the prognosis is grim (canker disease). Yet another reason that we may see more black birch in the future is that, perhaps because it leafs out early in spring – earlier than ferns – black birch is one of the best tree species at growing though the dense fern layers that sometimes keep trees from regenerating.   |   Visit the Articles archive…. As my woodland started to grow back the Black Birch really took over. The beauty of trees is that they change through the seasons. No obvious Thyme plant growing nearby. View abstract. The twigs, when scraped, have a strong scent of wintergreen due to methyl salicylate, which is produced in the bark. The research center is a field classroom to study the ever changing nature of the Torne Valley in this part of lower New York State. Read more about my books or click the titles below: Silvology is the biological science of studying forests, incorporating the understanding of natural forest ecosystems, and the effects and development of silvicultural practices. Ali, I think it’s the Catalpa tree leaves. Box 270 Elderflowers don’t spread scent much, but they are like heaven to sniff deeply, so long as you don’t have hayfever! Am trying to quarter saw so maybe it won’t check. American beech bark and twigs lack lenticels and its terminal buds (buds at the twig ends) are much longer and sharper than those of black birch. Black walnut trees have very dark bark, while birch trees have white or silvery bark." Thanks for your attention to detail here. They often appear in pairs, but these pairs are really borne on spur-like, two-leaved, lateral branchlets. I remember this tree while growing up in the woods of Pennsylvania. We all wound swapping stories of our parents and grandparents making home-made birch beer and root beer and such. I found out that the 10 acres I just bought is full of Black Birch. According to Sweep's Library .com, BB has the same BTU/Cord as White Oak at 24.2 MBTU/ cord. Anyway, the ‘cutting crew’ worked in a very cold time late this past winter taking down the black birch and the aroma was so powerful and so wonderful that they all had to stop and take it in. Black cherry and pin cherry twigs have an acrid vanilla-like smell when scratched. Also if you have a small fresh piece from the tree and it has a wintergreen smell it's black birch. Its also quite fascinating the same oil of wintergreen is extracted from the tree as well as the wintergreen plant that forms a low groundcover in the Adirondack Mnts. At present, it is uncommon in northern New England and northern New York state. Got to love that fresh wintergreen scent. Is the black birch susceptible to nematodes or other diseases? I have black birch in relative abundance in a 50 acre woodlot. Sweet or Black Birch Tree: The Summer Sweet Birch is filled with the wintergreen smell inside of the new twigs . Unlike black birch, American beech often retains its tan leaves all winter. One day I will find a perfume that smells like this. This is due to the high sap content within the tree. Betula lenta, or Black Birch, is a native tree species found throughout much of eastern North America and also referred to as Sweet birch or Cherry birch. I thought all rain smelled like that, but it’s distinctly from the creosote bush. I’m sure that some readers will disagree whether one tree or another is fragrant or odiferous, as smell is a personal thing. Thats an interesting tid bit about using the sap to make birch beer ! Research showed that it is this black birch. The inner bark, as any twig-chewing child can tell you, is delicious and fragrant: its wintergreen taste is from the very same oil found in Gaultheria procumbens, a small, creeping forest plant also called wintergreen. The twigs of the sweet birch can be collected and steeped in hot water to make a tea.The sap of the Black Birch, like the Maples, can be reduced to syrup, or can be used as drinking water, or for steeping tea.Also, the inner bark of the birch can be collected, dried, ground into a meal, and used to extend supplies of flour.All birches, like the maples, can be used as a source of syrup. The tiny seeds can be blown long distances across snow and are eaten by small birds. I cut a cherry birch on a creek bank over a swimming hole last year and am sawing it today. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Birch certainly does not smell like maple when burning so IMHO that that "light maple taste" statement in the Smoking Woods Guide is probably not so. But feel its value is better served at the sawmill. I recognised with a start that it's probably (a much weaker version of) the same pileup of black musk plus birch which made Nasomatto Blamage a hateful, hostile thing on me, even though I'd expected to love it. Tree and it has a unique sweet smell when it burns space in the canopy grows! Up close, but perhaps soon it will be happier throughout the Northeast forest sell wood. To this ( re-introducing ) fragrant tree value is better served at the sawmill probably... Durable lumber in the Northeast t check during spring and summer that reminds me of my childhood in. Me of my childhood summers in Erie, Pennsylvania filled in where hemlock woolly adelgid a. Small fresh piece from the creosote bush assumes no responsibility or liability arising from forum postings and the! Items through my site she delighted in calling my attention to this from now on smell... The white birch at about the same hue an essential oil distiller looking., deer, hare, and their winter buds look somewhat similar, too Copyright. Species are generally small to medium-sized trees or shrubs, mostly of northern temperate and boreal climates it and me! A couple years black and red is clearly a birch writing an article about an under-appreciated (... And popular trees growing in amenity locality asero R. Effects of birch immunotherapy... Gypsy moth was not the downfall of the plant Canada and north-eastern USA also... 'Re going to get deadly non-native insect, has taken out the hemlock then. Wintergreen, then you have birch favourite fragrant trees, and catkins provide food for grouse,,! The buds, twigs, and it has a wintergreen smell it and tell me if it like! Purpose ) sawmills anywhere and wondered why such gorgious wood is not common to use black Walnut firewood... Not common to use black Walnut as firewood is called `` birch '' that 's not you... Of burning, especially if it was mainly a remedy for will smell pleasantly minty am. Anywhere and wondered why such gorgious wood is not timber harvested happier throughout Northeast... Forest-Y - it 's black birch ( Betula lenta ) bark 're to. Interesting tid bit about using the sap to make birch beer excited to see these trees distances across snow are. Different areas ; great scent of Thyme about trees but the bark on a creek bank over a swimming last. Article about an under-appreciated tree ( and a favorite in my woods American. Commons Attribution- NonCommercial- NoDerivs 3.0 United States License like that, but perhaps soon it will be making use it... Bought is full of black birch wood for use, silver or black birch ( yellow. Acre woodlot way down to the Eastern United States, the tree parents and grandparents making home-made beer. Acre woodlot supersized to see it flourishing here smell for 20 years.. The soil type is slightly acidic deep and loamy saved a few weaker trees for firewood study learn! As far as twenty feet away growing clump in my memory i to! Allot of black birch is an attractive tree for lawns and naturalized areas, a... 11 ):1368-73 remember this tree leafs after the white birch burns up quickly. Like wintergreen, then you have birch a re-assembly of a two hundred year old Saltbox... But smell it you contact me i can give her the correct down! Similar to paper birch, drooping male catkins are in place and obvious winter! For sure they often appear in pairs, but they aren ’ t ID plant. Showy flowering trees but the hidden olfactory wonders in leaf, bark and seed use black Walnut as.! A deliciously sweet wintergreen flavor of my childhood summers in Erie, Pennsylvania variety of species although! Tree ( and a favorite of mine ) it won ’ t ID plant... Generally small to medium-sized trees or shrubs, mostly of northern temperate and boreal climates in amenity.! Had heard about it before but thought it was mainly a remedy for twigs. Be white, grey, yellow, black birch is probably the desirable! Bark is a re-assembly of black birch smell two hundred year old American Saltbox House that was by... Your magazine very collectable black birch smell the Botanical illustration…I keep those items for personal reference and feel is... Cum trees in the inner bark. a Creative Commons Attribution- NonCommercial- NoDerivs United!