Arriving at Momentum Labs, Reyes found Frederick who was close to killing Leo Fitz, having locked Alphonso Mackenzie inside a radiation reactor core. Nicolas Cage infamously brought Johnny Blaze to life in two live-action pre-MCU Ghost Rider movies while Gabriel Luna put in a fan-favourite performance as Robbie Reyes in Agents of SHIELD. Marvel Studios have had the rights to Ghost Rider since 2013, but they’ve seemingly had little interest in rebooting the character as part of the MCU. Reyes told Johnson that he was willing to have another fight against her as he had nothing to lose, but Johnson noted that his brother would be saddened to lose him, which greatly angered Reyes. : 4.08: The Laws of Inferno Dynamics, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Reyes then allowed her to enter his car as they drove away to continue their investigation.[2]. Reyes learns of Lucy Bauer and the Darkhold, With Johnson and Reyes in S.H.I.E.L.D. agents as they prepared to storm it and take on Morrow and his men. and she assured him that she was not now; Reyes then asked if she wanted to know what was connecting the Watchdogs, Aryan Brotherhood, Chinatown Crew and Momentum Labs, claiming he might be the connecting piece himself. As Bauer noted he had the same fire in him that Morrow had, Reyes promised that his fire was worse before engulfing Bauer in flames as she screamed in agony. One day, Reyes had decided to steal his uncle, Eli Morrow's, car and take it for an illegal drag race in Los Angeles. Filled with his own ego, Reyes invited Gabe to join him for the race and they went cruising around the neighborhood, with Gabe teasing Reyes that he was not allowed to help him with his homework and Reyes would only help him fail if he tried. Will Ghost Rider show up in the MCU? Reyes noted how Johnson clearly had a death wish and before he could kill her, he needed to find some kind of proof that she deserved to die which he was unsure really existed. Before long, Reyes was able to roar far ahead from Lola due to the Charger's impressive power. Ghost Rider is under House Loeb, who has produced TV that’s connected or inspired by the MCU, but rarely crosses over the way the movies so … Before long, Ghost Rider managed to pin Mace against a staircase and began hitting him repeatedly, attempting to beat him to death and refusing to stop even when Coulson tried to pull him away, throwing Coulson back in his fury for vengeance against Director Mace. While Fitz worried about Simmons and threatened to hit Mace when he was able to get back to Earth's dimension, Reyes collapsed in agony as he experienced unbearable cold, claiming he needed to get sunlight or some kind of warmth as he was currently dying. Kevin Feige has already told fans that the studio speaks to the actor for just about every project that they make, and Reeves’ screen persona makes him the perfect choice to bring the MCU’s Ghost Rider to life. He is also very caring and protective over his paraplegic younger brother, Gabe, as he would act as his nurse, help support him with a job as a mechanic, and even attacked and restrained Quake when she mentioned him since he felt she was a threat to him. Once Reyes arrived he was invited to join a debate between Canelo and another work colleague about the football game that had been on television the night before, but Reyes explained that he had missed the game as he had been out while it was on. Reyes returned to the Zephyr One with the others and told them that he would bring the book to Hell. Despite Fitz's insistence to Director Mace that he could not escape, Ghost Rider quickly proved them all wrong by smashing the doors apart and stepping outside in a now furious rage. Possessed by a demon after making a literal deal with the devil, Ghost Rider is an inherently darker character than most of the superheroes who exist within the MCU. Tweet. Coulson and Johnson quickly understood that Ghost Rider was S.H.I.E.L.D. It’s unclear at the moment which of the several Spirit of Vengeances they plan to bring into the MCU. Reyes watched Coulson explain that Morrow had been stealing compounds from the Multiverse. Although at first, Mackenzie was reluctant to bring Reyes on the mission, noting that everyone in the prison desired to die so Ghost Rider could not be trusted. Profile: Robbie Reyes. and he assisted them in battling against Lucy Bauer and her search for the Darkhold which contained an ancient power. Coulson questioned Reyes, noting that he knew about his past at Garfield High School before he had begun working at Canelo's Auto and Body before asking about his murders, which Reyes insisted were justified as he only killed those he deserved to die. The Best Horror Movies To Stream This Halloween. The effects of the alternate dimension began to take their toll on Reyes once again and the Spirit acknowledged that it had escaped where he was being dragged down to and it was never going back there. Just as Reyes stepped inside the device, however, he was called out by Morrow who tried to convince his nephew to walk away from the base and return back to the safety of home. Upon seeing this, Reyes walked in on his own. agents giving chase as Reyes drove through the streets of Los Angeles in a desperate attempt to escape. This included members of the terrorist group the Watchdogs, the Fifth Street Locos, a corrupt cop, city councilman Roger Perez and the pedophilic school teacher Thomas Wright. He showed a great level of responsibility and selflessness when he dropped out of high school during the eleventh grade because there wasn't enough money and caring for Gabe when he was injured. As Gabe questioned why he was being told, Johnson explained it was for his protection since Morrow was kidnapped. Interestingly, it would've been entirely possible for Johnny Blaze, Danny Ketch or Robbie Reyes to appear in an MCU film, since the Ghost Rider rights reverted to Marvel Studios in 2013. Walking back inside, Reyes found Daisy Johnson was having a talk with Canelo, claiming that she and Reyes had gone to Garfield High School together. Having arrived at a warehouse belonging to the Chinatown Crew, Reyes was forced to leave Johnson to fight off the criminals on her own while he went looking for his target. Gender Coulson noted that Reyes had saved Leo Fitz from Frederick and they were likely on the same side, both looking for answers. ... Sean Tanner, aka the Ghost Rider, gets roped into the League after being seen during one of their fights. As they walked, Reyes joked about the poor state of the repair shop and pointed out the office and asked if she lived in Los Angeles and she claimed to only be visiting, with Reyes noting that this was not a nice neighborhood to spend a holiday, all which flicking his keys in his hand which caught Quake's attention as he had been doing it the other night. As they continued forward, they were soon confronted by Lucy Bauer, with Reyes promising that he would deal with her. While all the other S.H.I.E.L.D. In a rage, Aida attacked Ghost Rider with electricity, causing his transformation. Ghost Rider reboot may be coming to the MCU! Share: Science; [2], Ghost Rider saves Leo Fitz from Frederick. However, Hugo then appeared and infected Mackenzie with the psychosis by walking through him and smiling at the effect, only for Reyes to use his own powers to burn Hugo and destroy him. Reyes is able to channel his powers to a degree in his human form, but his powers are greatly amplified while the Spirit assumes control. Ghost Rider finally burns Eli Morrow to death, With Morrow trapped and the Chinatown Crew defeated, Coulson tried to pull Ghost Rider to safety with the Hellfire Chain, however, Ghost Rider so noticed that Morrow had managed to break himself free and was trying to escape. Johnny Blaze turns Reyes into Ghost Rider, A mysterious stranger on a motorcycle appeared and pulled Gabe out of the burning car to safety. Mitchell claimed that he was working for the Chinatown Crew under Chen's orders, but Reyes did not believe his tale as he thought the Aryan Brotherhood would never work for the Chinese due to their own racist views and resorted to hitting him repeatedly in the head, although Mitchell insisted that he was telling the truth. As Coulson checked on Reyes' condition, Reyes explained that he was still standing but he could feel the Spirit of Vengeance being dragged down to Hell again. Opening the doors and seeing that the hallway was now seemingly empty but completely dark, Quake sent in Rodriguez to use her Inhuman powers to run and the corridor and check that it was safe. Looking at their situation, Fitz was able to figure out that what had happened was they were currently being sucked down into the Multiverse, much to Reyes' confusion. Johnson noted that there was a group called the Watchdogs who were hunting Inhumans, but Reyes corrected her that he was not an Inhuman, telling her he had sold his soul to the devil, a statement that Johnson found very hard to believe. Reyes transforms himself into Ghost Rider. When they were attacked he told anyone who would listen to save his brother rather than himself. At this point, Daisy Johnson found the possessed Mackenzie who then transformed into Ghost Rider and prepared to attack her. Coulson asked that Reyes speak to his uncle about what was going on and help them find answers, but not before threatening to throw him out the plane if he refused to help them in their current mission. Actors/Actresses While it isn’t clear where these rumors have come from, the impressive new artwork shows off what the MCU’s Ghost Rider could look like if John Wick star Keanu Reeves was given the role. Marvel Studios has shown a propensity to move away from what other studios have put on screens. Related: Rumor: Ghost Rider Film Unlikely for MCU – Possible Cameo in Blade. agents found two corpses who had torn each other apart due to having come into contact with Lucy Bauer's ghostly form and been driven mad. Once Leo Fitz had arrived on Zephyr One and provided the agents with the Ghost Infection Antidote, they loaded into the Containment Module which took them to the ground where split up into two teams, Daisy Johnson and two S.H.I.E.L.D.

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