In 1896 a Standard was adopted by the Bulldog Club of America. The undershot can be up to 1/4 of an inch depending on the size of the dog and shape of the skull. Our mission from the start has been to breed muscular, athletic dogs with stable, family-oriented temperaments. Sweet dog. The multiple varieties of American Bulldog mean that the breed almost certainly could never have a unified standard that meets AKC rules and guidelines. Description/Other Info: In-home breeder of American Bulldog Johnson standard great champion blood line located in Miami Website: . While structure, health, temperament, and function are always the first and foremost important considerations when breeding, we have also dogs that are amazingly beautiful.I consider my dogs the total package. SCOTT'S AMERICAN BULLDOGS. Standing at only 18 inch This beautiful family raised standard American bully with a stunning colour would make gorgeous puppies. Home; Puppies For Sale; American Bulldog; 1: 2: Owner Image Description Age Price; Zoeb Tipton, DY4 7SP: Mom is old Time bully Dad American bulldog : 14 Weeks: £600: elitebullysquad94 London, SE1 3ea : XL AMERICAN BULLY PUP Amazing American bully pups from different litters available. Some breeders, John D. Johnson, and Alan Scott kept infusing several bulldogs together in the bid to breed the American Bulldog while monitoring its health and capabilities. All Rights Reserved. Scott, Performance, or "Standard" type They are named after the breeders who were influential in developing them and they were Mr. John D Johnson (Bully) and Mr. Allan Scott (Standard). If you are not familiar with the breed, they are often known as the farm/utility dogs of the South. Registry: UKC, Age: 11 Weeks Old With His American Bulldog 1947 Robert Policastro And His AB 2003 Our Cousin, Steve Reynolds Talks About His American Bulldog, "BJ" 1975 "He was the kindest, toughest, gentlest, strongest dog I ever saw. bulldog pups from local breeders or off internet sites, thinking they were getting a deal. He will only be at this price... 5. . We understand that offering yourself a puppy is no ordinary purchase. Hank's Sire and Dam are out of Manstopper's American Bulldogs. If there is color on the head it generally appears to be color on a white head. Hello, we are Rosebull Kennel American Bulldogs! Their names were: Mr. John D Johnson (Bully) and Mr. Allan Scott (Standard). The two types are: Bishop Auckland, Durham. We breed for: Solid Temperament; Healthy dogs with Good Conformation American Bulldog. The modern American Bulldog is believed to have descended from the colossus breeds of ancient history similar to other mastiff breeds. Classic: Generally they have rolling gait. It’s also free to list your available puppies and litters on our site. FOREQUARTERS: The combined front assembly from the American Bulldogs uppermost component...the shoulder blades...down to the feet, are generally muscular and slightly sloping. Dad ia a blue xl american bulldog, mum is a reverse brindle standard american... Read more >> More >> Its coat is short and generally smooth. This breed has a large head with strong jaws with ears that may be cropped, semi-prick, rose or drop. Registry: UKC. Famous Hank The Tank - Born Oct. 7th, 2013. TDK9 Has American Bulldog Puppies For Sale In Anderson, SC On AKC PuppyFinder STANDARD BRONZE BRONZE GOLD GOLD PLATINUM PLATINUM SILVER SILVER STANDARD be_ixf; php_sdk; php_sdk_1.4.18 Contact for details. General The American Bulldog is a powerful, athletic short-coated dog, strongly muscled, and well boned. She brings exceptional drive and intensity with very solid nerves. All rights reserved. We look at each bulldog’s pedigree and its ancestors’ health history. BONE STRUCTURE: Medium to heavy, to be able to carry a large dog. The American Bulldog is a playful breed that has some high exercise needs, and they do well in families that are able to stay active with lots of walks and play time. Hank has Yellow/Amber eyes he is a 125lbs. Copyright by Standard American Bully Breeder. Absolute soundness is essential. "Scott" American bulldogs are a branch of the American bulldog family tree. All legs move parallel to the direction of travel, with front legs clearly reaching and the rear legs propelling the dog forward. His eyes filled. ... AKC Breeders of Merit. Breed Information Centre Bulldog. American Bulldog Breed Standard Grand Future Pharaoh – Grand Champion. American Bulldog Puppies for Sale. We refuse to call ourselves a kennel being that none of our dogs live in kennels. Head: The face of the American Bulldog indicates intelligence, with dicerning alertness. Body: Most commonly, the American Bulldog has a wide, deep chest, fairly compact, straight, and well balanced. 11/3 litter – SOLD OUT (Updated 12/15/2020) 12/9 litter – SOLD OUT (Updated 01/02/2021) 12/22 litter – PUPPIES AVAILABLE (Updated 12/31/2020) June 2021 litter – ACCEPTING DEPOSITS (Updated 12/11/2020) NEW – Veterinary Care & Veterinary Malpractice. Weight. The forelegs are to straight and not set too close together or too far apart. Kisses, kisses, and more kisses. We found American Bulldogs, and we haven't looked back since. You can see his pups from the last 4 years all over our Facebook. A black American bulldog, she’s 3/4 Konfederate Kennel Blood, 1/4 performance hybrid. Age Puppy. They are powerfully built and have an amazing endurance. These bloodlines are named after the breeders who developed their own line/style of American Bulldog and they were Mr. John D Johnson (Bully) and Mr. Allan Scott (Standard). Our program is centered on a 5 acre property which gives all of our dogs plenty of room to run and stretch their paws. Arab, Alabama * Show * Work * Sport * Hunting * * Companions for life * Welcome! ©2017 Second Wind Farm. We are also not responsible for the content on the websites of these breeders. A great breeder will make […] Find Bulldog Puppies and Breeders in your area and helpful Bulldog information. Dad’s Weight: 25 lbs Our American bulldog kennels are breeding suitable dogs for a modern active family and professionals in the security field. This site is dedicated to our American Bulldogs. Pink eye rims are considered a fault according to the written standard. American Bulldog Excellence. Right breed for you? TAIL: The American Bulldog's tail is usually set low and is generally thick at the base. Mom’s Weight: 22 lbs Dad’s Weight: 25 lbs American bulldog dog breed pictures 1 the awesome american bulldog 10 fun facts about the american bulldog scott standard american bulldog american bulldog breed information american bulldog scott standard american bulldog. We have official, registered puppies for sell. They were also very much a part of the family, and were instrumental in personal and property protection as well. The Johnson American Bulldog is a breed of dog unlike any other; their sheer strength and courage coupled with their undying loyalty and devotion make them the ultimate breed of dog for the general public and serious canine enthusiast alike. Dad’s Weight: 26 lbs Find American Bulldog Puppies and Breeders in your area and helpful American Bulldog information. At the forefront of our American Bulldog breeding program is a firm devotion to the health of our American Bulldog bloodlines. Standard: Usually weighing between 85 and 110lbs. It’s great entertainment to watch her flip in the air to try and catch the, Sweet eyes are the window to your bright soul. Image from The Illustrated Guide The BCA was formed in 1890 utilizing the English Standard. Purpose: Breeders Directory >> American Bulldog Breeders. Female Size: Females should usually measure between 20 to 23 inches at the withers. American Bulldog Breed Standard Grand Future Pharaoh – Grand Champion. Charlie is a wonderful addition to our household. He gives me in the morning or upon my return. American Bulldogs are healthy dogs and will do very well with a variety of quality dog foods. His Breeder is the co-writer of the American Bulldog Handbook. It’s also free to list your available puppies and litters on our site. Dog Group: Non-Sporting Size: 20-27 inches tall, 60-125 lbs Lifespan: 10-15 years Energy Level: Medium Coat: Short Shedding: Moderate Hypoallergenic: No. Welcome to Gunslinger Kennels! These American Bulldogs are named after the breeders who were influential in developing them. He’s amazingly gentle with the kids – they had an epic wrestling match last night and he was just. Historically the American Bulldog was bred to be a “farm utility dog” that was used for farm work. About Us . Breeding March 2021 OHK Shamgar of AS X Jr CH Roper Purple Rain Catchdogs with phenomenol temperaments. Personality and Temperament. Standard American Bulldog Puppies Roman is a male at Gunslinger Kennels in North Carolina that I have been watching since he was young. It is also medium length, well muscled throughout, and pronounced muscular cheeks. American Bulldog Puppies For Sale – Accepting deposits. All Bulldog found here are from AKC-Registered parents. We have been breeding, training and producing the best American Bulldogs for many years. Scott, Performance, or otherwise known as "Standard" type. No matter, summer will be here soon, and they will meet again. In 1976, in the AKC Bulldog Breed Standard, the "Dudley Nose" disqualification was redefined as a "brown or liver colored nose". They are American Bulldogs. In 1896 a Standard was adopted by the Bulldog Club of America. However, sometimes the ears may be foward flap or rose. Here, we do our best to keep in constant communication with our customers with typical email response times less than 24 Hours. It was revised in 1914 to declare the Dudley nose a disqualification. Find standard American Bulldog puppies and dogs from a breeder near you. After work dogs lost their use around the farms and other breeds started being used for guarding properties, American bulldogs fell out of use. When you buy American bulldog pups from OTAC bulldogs, your are not just buying a quality specimen. We pride ourselves on producing some of the best Standard American Bulldogs in the country. We fell in love with the traditional American Bulldog breed. Protection, companionship, hunting, working livestock, catching cattle and hogs etc. About Grand Future – American Bulldog Kennel. Powerfully built, but active. General Appearance: The American Bulldog is a well balanced, short-coated, muscular and athletic animal. Our dogs are in homes excelling in Show, Sport, Hunting, and most importantly as stable family members. Standard: The standard American Bulldogs tend to have a tighter, more athletic gait. Male Size: Color N/A. Details. Home of The Standard Working American Bulldog. The professed experts on the breed have diverse opinions, all claiming to have the real, the true, the one and only American Bulldog. £1,500 . We commit to gift you a healthy, trained and “exactly as discribed” puppy. About Us We are a quality driven American Bulldog breeding program located in the beautiful wine country of Temecula in Southern California. Their loin is wide, muscular and slightly arched. Males should usually measure between 23 - 26 inches at the withers. Our motivation behind our breeding program has been that we are a huge lover of the breed and how many folks we have met through the years with American Bulldog puppies with high hope of having a huge dog, but only to be disappointed with a small headed skinny boned dog. We have always bred to a significantly stricter breed standard than the current American Bulldog breed standards under U.S.-based registries. Final Revision: August 2005 The basic breed standard for the American Bulldog changed very little, there was several disqualifications in the standards that we felt should not have been disqualifications. Grand Future Kennel is registered with FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) and ABF (American Bulldog Federation – 501c3 non-profit). Date Available: I’m ready today! Mom’s Weight: 21 lbs Eyes are most often brown, but can come in any color. Gender Female. American bull, in general are well-known for being very smart and anxious to please. In searching the history of the American Bulldog, probably the easiest way to find the modern-day American Bulldog's true type is by paintings and pictures. 18 days ago. Eyes: The American Bulldogs eyes usually vary from almond shape to round and are medium sized. 90 – 150 lbs. However, real evidence to substantiate these beliefs and opinions cannot be found. This devotion is a movement towards progressively improving the health of our American Bulldogs from one generation to the next. These American Bulldogs are named after the breeders who were influential in developing them. If you are looking for … This breed standard has been extracted from: Terms and Conditions. The full white one is £1100 The white and black one is a rare colour so asking £1250 A £50 non refundable . Cornerstone American Bulldog is a breeder dedicated to bringing the world a quality standard performance bulldog that is as close to the original American Bulldog as you can get, producing a sound dog with special attention given to disposition, alertness, drive and intelligence. Hello, Pure Chunky American Bulldog Puppies for sale MUM CAN BE SEEN ONLY 2 LEFT ( 2 BOYS ) They are healthy and quality puppies ready to go. Many American Bulldog dog breeders with puppies for sale also offer a health guarantee. Favourite this Advert. In America, the breed is the mascot of myriad sports team, including those representing Yale University. £500 . They are Johnson Bloodlines. According to the American Kennel Club breed standard, American Bulldogs come in several colors. Kennel Name: STM American Bulldogs City: Warrensburg - State: MO - Zip: 64093 Phone: 660-429-2648 Description/Other Info: STM American Bulldogs wants you to have the best family pet possible. Things are going well here. We are firm believers of doing our homework. The goals and purposes of this breed standard include: to furnish guidelines for breeders who wish to maintain the quality of their breed and to improve it; to advance this breed to a state of similarity throughout the world; and to act as a guide for judges. General Appearance: The body is just slightly longer than tall. Nevertheless, I had a Bulldog, an American Bulldog. 27210 Kristie Circle South. Male dogs that do not have 2 visible testicles, any spayed or neutered dogs, blindness or deafness, viscous or shy dogs, black or blue color, black mask, cow hocked, splayfooted, even and scissor bite, docked tail, glass eye(s), crossed eyes, long and/or feathered coats. Guardian Dog Group. He’s the sweetest thing. He's has similar bloodlines to my guy Blue, with a similar type personality, and it's what has drawn me more and more to wanting to use him. A Breed Standard is the guideline which describes the ideal characteristics, temperament and appearance including the correct colour of a breed and ensures that the breed is fit for function. ~The Sweetest Thing~, The wagging of his tail. Weight. 90 – … Ears are small to medium in size, high set, and may be drop, semi-prick, rose, or cropped. We are a small kennel located in the foothills of North Carolina. All American Bulldog puppies found here are from AKC-Registered parents. Scarlet comes to us from Southpaw Kennel’s. Anymore information Contact me. Date Available: I’m ready today! American Bulldog Association Breed Standard – Description: The American Bulldog should generate the impression of great strength, agility, endurance and exhibit a well-knit, sturdy, compact frame with the absence of excessive bulk. The rear legs are most of the time moderately angulated and parallel. The tail is carried over the back when excited or walking. Find American Bulldogs and puppies from Maryland breeders. The standard for color the American Bulldog is white with patches of brindle, red, tan, brown, or black, but there are quite a few more color variations (non-standard colors) such as white and black, white and brindle, white and brown, and white and tan. American Bulldogs are generally divided into two strains: the Classic American Bulldog, also known as the ‘Johnson’ (after its breeder) or ‘Bully’, and the Standard American Bulldog, also known as the Scott (after its breeder) or ‘Performance’. A gentle giant. In 1993, an American Bulldog appeared as Chance, one of the major characters in the Disney film Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey, exposing an entire generation of children to the breed. FEET: The American Bulldog's toes are tight and well arched. Ears: Their ears are generally medium in size, set high, and are carried close to their head. Bruiser Bulldogs kennel specializes in producing high quality American bulldog puppies by focusing on the little things. SIZE & WEIGHT: Males to be 23 – 28″ at withers. STANDARD. Many of today's American Bulldogs are a combination of the Classic and Standard types. NOTE: the Classic type will have a slight degree of less reach, flexibility, and spring than Standard type. Our dogs are a very important part of our lives, they live in our homes. If you are looking for a Standard Performance Bulldog you have landed onthe right page. Age: 11 Weeks Old American Bulldogs are alert, outgoing, and confident. SHOW RING FAULTS: These breeders are in no way endorsed or recommended by Johnson bloodlines are within the Bully/Classic type and Scott bloodlines are within the Standard type. He has been gentle and incredibly energetic and funny with the kids and our other pets! GAIT: The American Bulldog gait is generally balanced and smooth, showing great speed, agility, and power. Johnson, Bully, or otherwise known as "Classic" type. He produces Large beautiful pups. Lilly adjusted to Zack, my 19-year-old, being home for spring break, and now he’s back to school. We conduct extensive research of each American Bulldog adult that we enter into our breeding program. Temperament: The coat is short and soft coming in any variation of colors, although solid black, blue, merle or tricolor is undesirable. Some American Bulldog puppies for sale may be shipped Worldwide and include crate and veterinarian checkup. Therefore if you are in the market for the hunt of new Frenchie, then you can check our. The American bulldog is a stocky, well built, strong-looking dog, with a large head and a muscular build. Puppies; Co own; Retired; Produced; News; Breeding January 2021 Contact for details. The head is large and broad, with a wide muzzle. It tapers from shoulders to head and is almost equal to the size of the head. Descriptions A Johnson American Bulldog. Excellence is found in the details. Our dogs come from proven stock and we strive to keep the workabily, temperment, and structure true to the breed. Sweet kisses. absolutely beautiful american bulldogs pups ready to leave now for their forever home. Home of the 2012, 2015, 2017, and 2018 NKC National Champions! When selecting our breeds, we are careful to ensure quality matches from the most elite bloodlines. £1,100 Fahad M. 1 day ago . Guardian Dog Group. This advert is located in and around Corby, Northamptonshire. Our average dog weighs over 95 pounds. Saylor American Bulldogs. Standard: Generally a box or wedge shape. GENERAL APPEARANCE: Being that of a great powerful dog showing strength, endurance and alertness. However a red, brown, or grey nose can occur. Scott Conley. Males are characteristically larger, heavier boned and more masculine than the bitches. We breed awesome American Bulldogs since 1998 Speaking of American Bulldogs, we are a top tier ethical Canadian American Bulldog Kennel. Classic: Usually weighing between 70 and 120lbs. © Second Wind Farm 2017 | all rights reserved, ARF American Bulldog Breed Standard (Classic and Standard) 1996, NKC American Bulldog Breed Standard, revised in 2005, ABRA American Bulldog Breed Standard, last updated 2008, ABA American Bulldog Breed Standard, last updated 2003. Tail wags of exuberance. Uncropped ears are preferred in the American Bulldog Breeders Association standard. A litter of 9, 7 are available. Brown eye color is the most common, however, blue, grey and even green eyes can occur occasionally. And our dogs Always produce puppies that meet or exceed all expectations of what an XL American Bully should be. We got our start back in 1998 with our first American Bulldog named Daisy. He runs like a lunatic every afternoon when we let him out of his crate. Bite: Teeth are generally medium to large and not visible when their mouth is closed. With thousands of American Bulldog puppies for sale and hundreds of American Bulldog dog breeders, you're sure to find the perfect American Bulldog puppy. We do not breed for color, however, color is a plus for us. The American Bulldog has a very sturdy and muscular build, weighing anywhere from 60 to 120 pounds at a height of 20 to 28 inches. Classic: The Classics generally have a 3/8 to 3/4 inch undershot, depending on the size of the dog and shape of the skull. Hi I am selling my pure bred 2 female American bulldog puppies,they are really energetic and playful.mum and dad are both family pets and I can send pictures of them on request. Nose: Black is the preferred color. HINDQUARTERS: Broad with muscles tapering well down the leg to manifest speed and strength, but not quite as large as the shoulders. Mom’s Weight: 22 lbs Warrior American Bulldogs was announced as the 2014 ABRA Kennel of the Year and is the home of Dailey's Sparta who is the 2013 #1 and 2014 #2 top dog of the Year as well as DC's Camo Tank who was the 2013 #2 top dog of the year! With His American Bulldog 1947 Robert Policastro And His AB 2003 Our Cousin, Steve Reynolds Talks About His American Bulldog, "BJ" 1975 "He was the kindest, toughest, gentlest, strongest dog I ever saw. GENERAL APPEARANCE: Being that of a great powerful dog showing strength, endurance and alertness. The American Bulldog is a large breed of utility dog descended from the Old English Bulldog. Black pigmentation on the nose and eye rims is traditionally preferred, with only some pink allowed. Weight. Scott American Bulldog Puppies. All photos and information are protected. Yale’s Bulldog mascot, Handsome Dan, was said to be the first animal mascot in all of sports. American Bulldog Puppies. Only to realise later down the road, they had brought a dud. After reviewing the standards, changes were made to the disqualifications making most of them either a cosmetic fault or serious fault. Neck: The neck of the American Bulldog tends to be very muscular, slightly arched, and of moderate length. Our dogs are born and raised in a loving environment with high quality nutrition, supplements, exercise, training, stimulation, conditioning, affection and discipline. Breed Standard. He was around for 15 years or more, and though he has … The Scott American Bulldog, on the other hand, is called the “standard” American Bulldog. Their chest are not normally narrow or excessively wide, nor are their elbows angled out or pulled in. Sale | Dogs | American Bulldog | Derby . Date Available: I’m ready today! WELCOME TO WARRIOR AMERICAN BULLDOGS!! They sometimes have split eyes, where one eye is brown and the other eye is blue. Pups carry blue gene. Little things like pristine conformation, historical health records, and well balanced personalities. The goals and purposes of this breed standard include: to furnish guidelines for breeders who wish to maintain the quality of their breed and to improve it; to advance this breed to a state of similarity throughout the world; and to act as a guide for judges. American Bulldog Breed Standard . £1,600 Each For Sale American bulldog puppy 4 months old. He was around for 15 years or more, and though he has been gone for many years, he left a big hole down on the farm." Click here to see our American Bulldog Puppies For Sale. Aloofness with strangers is possible. 1. History of My Dogs. Standard: Generally a tight undershot is preferred with Standards. Distinct for its boxy head, the Johnson American Bulldog, popularly known as the “classic” American Bulldog, is a large, wide-chested bulldog breed developed by John D. Johnson during World War II.. A Scott American Bulldog.

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